Your goal, not written, is only a wish!

Having trouble following goals?

Are you getting frustrated that you always get distracted and don’t reach the finish line?

Its about time you change for the better!


Each one of us has our own wishes and aspirations in life. Many have gone in the path that leads to their ultimate goals and succeeded, some are still stuck procrastinating, while some have tried and lost focus, and eventually failed and forgot about it completely.

ReCreation King Douglas McCoy

Douglas McCoy, the ReCreation King, will show you the way how to reach those goals. He has spent his lifetime learning through the challenges and problems he had, and created the How Cool Series of Booksinspiring millions with his teachings.

He wants his readers to learn from his experiences and save them from the pain of going through everything he has been. He knows the importance of keeping long term goals in life, as it defines or direction in the future. Doug will help you be focused, inspired, and push through the challenges to get to the top – to reach those goals.

This eBook Douglas McCoy made will help you set and achieve those goals you have always wanted!

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