Setting Goals is what sets apart those who achieve their 

dreams and those who don’t.

Inspired action is what separates dreaming and realizing
one’s dreams.

Goals are putting inspired action to our dreams.

  • Do you have dreams?
  • Do you want to achieve your dreams?
  • Do you want to see changes in your life?
  • Do you wish things were different?
  • Do you want to realize the best “YOU” you can be?

How badly do YOU want SUCCESS?

From a school drop out, barely able to read. Douglas McCoy learnt the principles of
Goal Setting and ReCREATED his life to excel and break records and win awards in
Sales, Sports, Business, Studies and Spiritual.

Discover how to go from the underdog to the CHAMPION. HOW COOL IS THAT?

The Key that opens ALL the doors for YOU to SUCCESS is

You probably don’t know it yet but your dreams are just waiting for you to come true.
Yes, you are the biggest factor of your dreams coming true. But you need to make the
first step

A GOAL is of major importance, it is the very Reason, the Purpose, the Desire, the
Dream, the Vision, the Covenant, it is Success itself defined.

Nowadays, we have the GPS to determine one’s exact location, velocity and time 24

hours a day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world. Your goals are your GPS.

It will show you your direction.

Without GOALS you will never know what you could have BEEN, DONE, or HAD.

No one ever accomplishes anything of consequence without a GOAL.

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That is why it is crucial to set your goals. With the right goal setting techniques, you can

accomplish your dreams.

If you have a gigantic goal, break it into smaller goals and reach for it. Take one step

after the other, no matter how small it is.

Pick a dream. Visualize your goal. Write your goal down on paper. Create a step-by-

step plan and use the right tools.

Douglas learned how to ReCREATE himself, so let him show YOU How to Take
YOURSELF from where YOU are, to where YOU WANT to be. And the first step is goal

Who is Douglas McCoy?

Douglas McCoy could barely read when he left school at 16. But after years of
experiences he decided to ReCREATE himself as an author. So he put his mind and
the techniques he learned from The Master of Thought Dynamics, his mentor from Los
Angeles, the late great Dr William Tanner.

Tanner Thought Dynamic’s has discovered that “It’s All In The Mind.” There are 21
Characteristics which can be moulded using our Behaviour Modification Techniques into
a High Achiever with these powerfully vivid description of the mental, emotional,
physical, spiritual and financial competencies mastered by the World’s Greatest High
Achievers. As you will discover in the book Dr Tanner and Doug wrote: “It’s All In Your

Doug has also been under the tutelage of Dr. Keith Cunningham.

Dr. Keith Cunningham was one of the key pioneers of the early days of the ReCreation
Strategic Mind System™. During the 30 years leading up to and while coaching me, he
had a phenomenal record in almost every branch of sports and life.

Even using his earlier versions of the system, Dr Cunningham had a Sensational
Coaching Record second to none. With his Mind System he was able to assist his
patients/students/athletes he worked with and trained to ReCreate themselves to break
through their mental and physical barriers to achieve astounding greatness and success
with a record of not less then:

  • 18 went on to Break World Records,
  • 37 placed as World or Olympic Champions,
  • Well over 250 have Represented Australia or their Country,

On the Canterbury Bulldog’s Team he used these techniques to Win the 1985
Australian Rugby League Grand Final (Like “The Super Ball” of Australian Football).
Under The Legendary Coach Roy Masters, in 1985 St George were minor-premiers,
runaway Club Champions and made it to the Grand Final in all three Grades.
Canterbury was the outsiders and definite underdogs. Canterbury brought in Dr
Cunningham to use his Mind Systems on the team. The rest is history: The Mighty
Dragons first grade team were beaten to submission and lost to Canterbury 7 – 6 in a
real dramatic turn around.Dr Cunningham had record breaking success after success

By applying Dr. Keith Cunningham’s strategies and Dr. Tanner’s PAR Techniques,
Doug has been able to ReCREATE himself in any field he has chosen.

By putting into action the ReCreate Yourself SYSTEM, he developed and expanded and
he has been able to become an author with 18 books under his belt.

NOW, Douglas McCoy is the author of what most think could be the World’s Best Self
Image and Personal Development Series of Books.

See the Full List of the How Cool Series of Books

How Cool Is it To Set Goals is one of the most well-loved in the How Cool Series of
Books. ALL the Charts, Planning Forms, and Guidelines are supplied for you to just fill
in the blanks.

GO FOR IT, YOU will love it and Love what this book will do for YOU.

By observing the goal setting techniques in the book and applying it to your life the way

Doug has in his own life, y our dreams are just a few steps away from you.

Let nothing stop you from crossing the finish line.
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